girls with blue hair

girls with blue hairReviewed by michael ellison.This Is Article Aboutgirls with blue hairGirls With Blue Hair Girls With Blue Hair Girls With Blue Hair Who is your favorite anime character with blue hair? It might not be the most common hair color, but there are some really great characters who rock a blue do. Characters with hair of any shade of blue are welcome here, including those […]
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girls with blue hair 1

Girls With Blue Hair

Girls With Blue Hair

Girls With Blue Hair

Who is your favorite anime character with blue hair? It might not be the most common hair color, but there are some really great characters who rock a blue do. Characters with hair of any shade of blue are welcome here, including those with dark blue hair like Kamina from Gurren Lagann, and teal-haired characters like the pantsless Franky from One Piece. You might not see people with blue hair that often in real life, but any hair color in anime is considered normal. Who is your favorite blue hair anime character? There are some classic anime characters that fit the criteria, like Rae Ayanami, and newer stars as well, like the goofy Gintoki Sakata from Gintama. Vote for the ones you love below, and please add anyone to the list if they aren’t already here. Check out our lists of the best pink hair and orange hair anime characters too!
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Girls With Blue Hair

On Fuckyeahbluehair and Girls With Blue Hair there are hundreds of girls, several of whom almost smile. (Smiling and blue hair don’t seem to”go,” usually.)
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Girls With Blue Hair

The Trope Namer, Homestar Runner, spoofs this when a fan named James asks what Strong Bad would look like as an anime character. Strong Bad decides that he’d be shiny and have huge green eyes, cooler boots, and blue hair (“You gotta have blue hair.”), for some reason. Humourously, on one main page, scrolling over “Store” gives 1-Up (Homestar Runner’s anime counterpart) blue hair. Acedemy Sugoi Seiun has characters with bright pink, blue, yellow/orange/red (at the same time), and purple hair. Eddsworld had Laurel, a one-time character in the “Movie Makers” episode.
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The beautiful world of anime consists of all types of unique characters. This is especially true when it comes to hair color, as when it comes to wild shades, the blue sky's the limit! Join us as we unveil the top 20 anime girls with blue hair and cool personalities as ranked on MAL.
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Averted with Coraline, who is very outgoing. Her hair is naturally and originally brown, however. In The Incredibles, Violet is the only one in her family with black hair with plenty of blue highlights, and she’s also the only one who is shy. Inside Out has, naturally, Sadness, who is blue all over, always apologizing, and a bookworm, since Joy never allows her to do anything besides study the brain manuals. Averted by Joy, who also has blue hair, but is the complete opposite of Sadness.
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The celebrated “Glowing Green Monkeys”, who were created by gene-splicing lab monkeys with bioluminescent sea creatures. Their hair only glows under fluorescent light, however, and look more of a dull greenish-brown under normal conditions. Bioluminescent pigs, on the other hand, are bright yellow. A potential result of overexposure to cobalt or indigo dyes during industrial processes. Purple squirrels have been showing up around the world. Whether or not it’s some sort of prank is unknown. Maybe it’s a commentary on the job market. Can be invoked using hair dye. Can be *unintentionally* invoked using hair dye, particularly if your hair is fair and/or highly absorbent. For instance, it’s not unknown for temporary black hair dye, when being washed out, to turn blonde hair green for several days. In 2001, Cricketer Colin “Funky” Miller celebrated Australia’s Centenary of Federation by dying his hair in what he referred to as “Federation Blue”.
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Blue hair color may seem strange for some we will prove that it can look so versatile and gorgeous even if you are not a teen. You can go full pastel blue or use it as an ombre color, blue hair is a great choice for a new, fresh and unique style. Related PostsWavy short …
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It was a Holiday Inn and the photographer was meeting candidates in one of the conference rooms. There must have been fifty girls in the lobby. Each one of them was as stunning as the one before them in line. Sienna frowned and said, “I'm never gonna compete with this girls.” I laughed and said, “Yeah. You're right. They don't stand a chance.”
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They have their own lesbian movie (French, obvs) called Blue Is The Warmest Colour, a coming-of-age erotic tickler where a confused 15-year-old girl falls for a blue-haired painter. For its star, Adele, “blue represents an envoy of curiosity, ecstasy, love and ultimately, sadness” – which is French movie-talk for “a blatant excuse for tons of hot lesbo action.”
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The ultimate blue statement is when the carpets match the curtains and the valance: the terrible triage of dyed head, pits ‘n’ pubes. On the Tumblr dyed-pubes there are some 159 pictures of dyed pudenda. Often supplemented with blue vajazzles, statement clit piercings and heavy, labia-distending metal work, there is even an ominous blue strap-on that looks like a cross between a Smurf and Pinocchio. Honestly, who’d want to put your hand inside a pair of pants only to find something that looks like an angry extra from Fraggle Rock?
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Petite girls with beautiful blue hair seldom fit the archetype of a dragon slayer. However, Wendy Marvell has learned these unique skills from her foster mother. A mark of the 'Cait Shelter Guild' is on her right shoulder, as she was formerly a member. Nowadays, she fights the good fight together with the 'Fairy Tail Guild'.
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If you look hard enough, there are some hot girls with blue hair, just as there are several hot amputees. (Honestly, Google it.) Most, however, are the human equivalent of the poison dart frog: why eat them when it could prove to be deadly?
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Online gaming has taken over the world. Few sharp shooters can match the incredible skill and precision of blue haired Shino Asada. Her archer avatar is of the Cait Sith race and sports bright blue hair, pointy cat ears and a tail in ALfheim Online. And when she's playing Gun Gale Online, her avatar wears combat gear and is armed with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, known as the 'PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II'.
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Vera Misham in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney hardly speaks and doesn’t leave the house if she can possibly avoid it. Issei Ryudo in Fate/stay night is a male example. He’s blue-haired, the most rational of the normal characters, and while almost all of his appearances are with his best friend, Shirou Emiya, he’s said to be very shy. Averted with Shizune Hakamichi from Katawa Shoujo, who is blunt and outspoken — despite being deafmute. Still worth noting, though, as when they’re introduced, Hisao thinks she’s one of these until she “opens her mouth,” so to speak. The most shy girl in the cast, Hanako Ikezawa, has purple hair. Mio from Little Busters! is a very quiet, soft-spoken girl with an emotionless personality who is almost always found sitting and reading on her own at the back of the school before Riki comes across her. He even notes at one point that, in complete contrast to him who defines himself by his Childhood Friends, she seems to long to be truly alone, and her presence is so low that people often seem to forget she even exists. Her route provides an explanation for all of this. Chigara Ashada from Sunrider is shy, blue-haired, smart enough to build two Humongous Mecha by herself and singlehandedly maintain and upgrade an entire squadron of them, and would rather be running a bakery than fighting in a war. For bonus points, her best friend Asaga Oakrun is a Fiery Redhead.
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Over at #GamerGate, dyed hair is so commonplace on the anti-side, it has been called “the female fedora.” Professional Victim Queen Quinn has dipped her bonce in most dyes: blue, purple, neon pink – she is aposematism’s chameleon – but she looks most at home with this electric blue ‘do.
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Some of the girls in Yandere No Onna No Ko have strange hair colors. Sonoko and Iori have purple, Yumemi has pink, and Tomoe seemingly has white. A few of the guys in Yandere Heaven possess odd colors while the rest have black, brown or blond hair. Atsushi and Ayumu have green, Kakeru has purple, Minase has silver and Katsumi has lavender.
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Anime hair comes in all colors of the rainbow, including the mysterious purple. These anime girls with purple hair have captured our hearts by being amazing, awesome, or just plain adorable.
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It's interesting to watch this young blue haired beauty of Coralian ancestry undergo a gradual transformation. Initially, she is quite cold and aloof. But as time passes, she gradually lets out her true shining blue colors, constantly proving to everyone around her that she does truly have a compassionate soul. She also happens to be an astute pilot of the Nirvash type ZERO, giving mecha fans an extra reason to rejoice.
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In nature, there are no blue foods, so consequently we have no natural appetite for it. Even blue cheese is white cheese with mould on.
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When blue hair alone isn’t enough, pray silence for the Free Your Pits “movement” (like a bowel movement, only less enjoyable) which encourages armpit hair to be dyed. Free Your Pits comprises a loose collective of Canadian gender studies undergrads, San Franciscan vloggers and tweens who think they were born pixies.


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