bob hairstyle black

bob hairstyle blackReviewed by michael ellison.This Is Article Aboutbob hairstyle blackBob Hairstyle Black Bob Hairstyle Black Bob Hairstyle Black Here’s another fun idea to change up your bob look. If your bob is of medium length, you could play around with a curling iron to create tight curls to transform it into a shorter bob, as pictured above. Add a slight A-line structure to it […]
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bob hairstyle black 1

Bob Hairstyle Black

Bob Hairstyle Black

Bob Hairstyle Black

Here’s another fun idea to change up your bob look. If your bob is of medium length, you could play around with a curling iron to create tight curls to transform it into a shorter bob, as pictured above. Add a slight A-line structure to it and part it to the side to add some funk to your look.
bob hairstyle black 1

Bob Hairstyle Black

If your style is quite out there and you lean towards more dramatic looks, try out this bob cut for size. This curly bob hairstyle, the focal point of which are the big bangs swooping down one side, is sure to add an element of mystery to your overall look. The subtle highlights added to the bangs round off the look perfectly.
bob hairstyle black 2

Bob Hairstyle Black

Quite a number of styles can be achieved with medium length bob cuts. Curls are best for creating a texture, especially for black hair. Black women’s bob hairstyles today have two tendencies – some incline towards the sleek poker straight styles, and others feature tousled waves, coils, and other ringlets – a trend to look into.
bob hairstyle black 3

Bob Hairstyle Black

Perfectly edged bobs are always the best black women bob haircuts. You know how in 90s cartoons the characters just had two-dimensional blobs of color on top of their heads that was supposed to be their hair? This bob cut sported by Zendaya with perfectly trimmed edges is kinda like that, in the best way possible. A little quirky with its poker straight hair and bangs, this hair look may require weekly trims to maintain its structure but the end result is totally worth the effort.
bob hairstyle black 4

Bob Hairstyle Black

A chin-length bob, one of classic short bob hairstyles for black women, is really timeless. This is an excellent hairdo for shorter hair, especially during that endless span of time when it’s growing. A few waves and curls give it that special 1920s elegance.
bob hairstyle black 5

Bob Hairstyle Black

It’s hard to say what is more stunning, the cut or the color. Rounded and slightly stacked in back, this bob doesn’t angle forward gradually but gets a single longer chunk of hair on either side. This is a common detail in bob haircuts for black women, and it’s always fierce.
bob hairstyle black 6

The hairstyle in this picture takes the idea of asymmetry to an entirely new level. Lots of black hairstyles make use of the extreme asymmetry because it is bold, beautiful, and enviably edgy. One side is cropped short, while the other side cascades down into a long bob. The shiny finish takes this look to the top of perfection.
bob hairstyle black 7

Every variation of the bob cut and bangs look has been done. So, why not try out something new? Take this look, for example. The super short bob has been curled, and then tousled up, to create a soft and romantic look. A twist has been added by cutting some short, straight cut bangs that end slightly above her eyebrows.
bob hairstyle black 8

Can’t choose between getting a pixie cut or a bob cut? Well, here’s a style that gives you the best of both worlds! In terms of length, the pixie bob style saddles the line between these two styles. In this particular look, the model’s hair has been styled in Marcel waves that lay flat on her head. The platinum blonde coloring given at the top creates a mesmerizing effect when paired with the super structured curls.
bob hairstyle black 9

Kinky curly hair is probably the most beautiful hair texture in the world. And to unleash it in its most gorgeous and voluminous form, all you need to do is get it cut into a long bob down till your shoulders. A little bit of coconut oil applied at the roots and some tender loving care, and your kinky curly bob will look naturally beautiful.
bob hairstyle black 10

Let’s just accept that Ciara is at the top of the bob haircut game. This time, she has gone for a super short bob and a completely blonde look. The center parting and the rounded edges of her straight hair create an air of dignity and sophistication around her. She is, truly, a class apart.
bob hairstyle black 11

A classic bob suggests a single-length cut. Such a method adds “weight” and volume to hair, revealing its natural beauty and shine at fullest. Pay attention that bob haircuts make all imperfections and defects of hair structure, especially split hair ends, very noticeable.
bob hairstyle black 12

Certainly, sleek straight bobs are pretty impressive, however, chaotic waves and curls is another styling story that allows you to look different and never get bored with your bob. One interesting variation of bob styling we’d like to draw your attention to is when you flatiron your hair at the roots and weave it into showy curls at the ends.
bob hairstyle black 13

The layers give this cut a graceful silhouette. They almost create a shag, especially due to the way the layers are so artfully stacked. That’s particularly evident in the back, where the bob is gently rounded and structured. At the bottom line this bob looks as if it was cut bluntly.
bob hairstyle black 14

African American bob hairstyles will never be a bore or a snooze fest. It is virtually impossible! If you are finding yourself growing bored of your current look, changing it up is easy. For those curious about bobs but feeling uncertain of the short hair commitment, simply try a weave bob!
bob hairstyle black 15

Sessilee Lopez is a supermodel for a reason. Because she can sport haircuts that are comprised of just bangs and still make it work. Like, seriously. This hairstyle is basically just bangs! While her hair at the back and one side have been shorn short, the hair on top of her head has been left long to be styled as a pseudo-bob/dramatic side swept bangs.
bob hairstyle black 16

Like many bob hairstyles for black women, this one is short and stacked with short, well-placed layers. The result is a tousled, sexy look that’s easy to care for, and it’s ideal for black hair that’s growing out or healing.
bob hairstyle black 17

Long hair can be such a pain sometimes. You’ve got to use tons of products to wash and style it. And if you are a beautiful black lady who is blessed with hair that is naturally thick and curly, long hair might just become too tiresome for you. So what can you do when you get tired of your long tresses? Cut it all off, of course! Bob cuts are all the rage right now and for a good reason. Not only do they look chic and fabulous, but are also super functional, easy to maintain, and take a ridiculously reduced amount of time and product to style. Need I convince you more?
bob hairstyle black 18

Read on to find out what our top picks are for bob haircuts for black women. Different lengths, textures, colors, and braided looks – we have covered a myriad of styles to offer you a range of options. Enjoy!
bob hairstyle black 19

Damnnn, Rihanna… back at it again with the gorgeous hairstyles. No one does a short hair look better than our RiRi. For this pixie bob look, she went for an undercut above one ear, short hair at the back, and super long side swept bangs in the front. She has upped the color game in this look by going for unblended golden highlights on her jet black hair.
bob hairstyle black 20

Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for burgundy hair. And this A-line structured bob does full justice to it. This short in the back, long on the sides cut has been has been elevated to a whole new level by coloring all the hair on top in that beautiful deep red shade and leaving the hair under it natural black. The dense straight cut bangs that fall smack-dab on the eyebrows is super chic.
bob hairstyle black 21

In a world where black women (and women of color, in general) are standing up to the prevailing beauty standards that they have been forced to conform to, Solange has released her song ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ to showcase the beauty of natural African hair. In its iconic music video, she sports a heavily beaded long bob that she absolutely slays and carries off with aplomb. I’m sure you’re already making a hair appointment at your salon to achieve this absolute perfection of a look.
bob hairstyle black 22

Thick natural tresses are whimsical when it comes to styling, therefore, haircuts for thick hair may sometimes look unflattering. A haircut is a key component of our image, so it needs to be selected thoughtfully. Black bob hairstyles, performed on thick hair, look fantastic and suit all face shapes. You only need to opt for the right length and finish. Adorable looks in this collection of images are both of famous personalities – celebrities, and beauty bloggers. Lets learn from them and draw inspiration.
bob hairstyle black 23

Caramel is one of the prettiest colors to see against dark hair; and when done well it is a wonderful sight. On this black bob, the highlighted streaks help tell the story of the asymmetrical cut. It is a tale you cannot get enough of, and you keep coming back for more.


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