blue and white hair

blue and white hairReviewed by michael ellison.This Is Article Aboutblue and white hairBlue And White Hair Blue And White Hair Blue And White Hair Domesticated cats with blue eyes and white coats are often completely deaf. Whether or not this is a result of Waardenburg syndrome remains unclear. Deafness is far more common in white cats than in those with other coat colors. According to the ASPCA […]
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blue and white hair 1

Blue And White Hair

Blue And White Hair

Blue And White Hair

Domesticated cats with blue eyes and white coats are often completely deaf. Whether or not this is a result of Waardenburg syndrome remains unclear. Deafness is far more common in white cats than in those with other coat colors. According to the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats, “17 to 20 percent of white cats with nonblue eyes are deaf; 40 percent of “odd-eyed” white cats with one blue eye are deaf; and 65 to 85 percent of blue-eyed white cats are deaf.” In the 1980s, college genetic classes taught that the genes for deafness and white coat color were closely linked, resulting in the majority of cats with completely white coats and bluer eyes being deaf. The newer evidence cited above refutes this simplistic idea.
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Blue And White Hair

Chiana in Farscape. A feature of her species, apparently – the women have white hair and the men have black hair. Yuki from the live-action Cutey Honey The Live had white hair when she “flashed” into her battle form. Lexi Mason, the psychic starchild in Falling Skies, has long white hair (except in shared dreams, when it’s black). All the Masons besides her have black hair. Daenerys Targaryen (natural brunette Emilia Clarke in a white wig) in Game of Thrones, who has silver-blonde hair due to her Targaryen ancestry.
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Blue And White Hair

In My Little Pony most white-haired ponies subvert the trope and are perfectly normal but others fit the trope: Majesty from G1 is a unicorn pony introduced in Year 2 who is white-haired and has a white stripe in her blue hair. She is not officially a “princess” but lives in a castle and has a dragon like the later introduced princesses. Majesty has extraordinary abilities when it comes to magic. In the British My Little Pony comics she can use multiple types of magic, unlike the other ponies. She watches over the other ponies using a magic mirror and a crystal ball. Majesty also has horseshoes which turn her invisible. Princess Silver Swirl from G2 is an all-white unicorn mare who is described as being a guardian angel to other ponies. Star Catcher was the first pegasus introduced in G3 and is the most unusual. She is white-haired with Multicolored Hair. Star Catcher has a more refined voice than most other characters (who have more cartoony voices), she is very calm and understanding, she can make wishes come true, she is the unofficial leader of the pegasus, she is referred to as one of the most beautiful ponies out there, and her wings stand out amongst the other pegasus. It’s stated in G3 that pegasus are rare and mystical yet Star Catcher is the only one who actually displays these traits.
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Blue And White Hair

6blue hairunknownA necessity in anime. All the characters should have blue hair.And for some reason, Id have blue hair. I mean, you gotta have blue hair. -Strong Badby ! April 05, 2003111148The Urban Dictionary MugOne side has the word, one side has the definition. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Lotsa space for your liquids.Buy the mug
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Blue And White Hair

Top definitionblue hairunknownAn old person whos white hair appears blue. Usally it is the only thing you can see over the steering wheel of the car they are driving.Damn blue hair, get off the roadby JohnH May 13, 2005442149Cleveland Steamer PlushThe vengeful act of crapping on a lover's chest while they sleep.Buy the plush
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Blue And White Hair

Nasha of SPAZ has white Rapunzel Hair, and while she’s not magical, she’s definitely a little strange Lilette Einmell from Tales Of Hetalia has white hair, signaling she is a demon. In fact, this series runs on this trope, considering all demons have white hair. Lys, the Source of life in the Noob franchise, who is a Physical Goddess who looks like a teen-ager according to the novels and is played by a fairly young woman in the web-movies.
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The Andorians were designed by Fred Phillips. His original design typically had antennae at the back of his head to cover where they were connected to his white wig. Phillips sculpted the antennae using modeling clay, and according to Star Trek archivist Richard Arnold, Phillips used the ends of thread spools for the ends of the antennae, The main stems were made of a rigid material and attached to the white wigs. The makeup chosen to color Andorians was Max Factor Aqua Blue cream stick, highlighted with a slightly deeper blue cream liner to shadow the face. (Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts, p. 49)
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In Classical Mythology, Epimeliads were nymphs associated with apple trees and protectors of sheep and goats. They usually had hair white like apple blossoms or undyed wool, showing their special bond with the flock and fruit trees. The Book of Revelation depicts the divine form of Jesus as having hair as white as wool. In the pre-Christian Hungarian religion, it was believed that children born with white hairs had magic powers and thus were destined to become shamans.
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In the final draft script for “The Andorian Incident”, the Andorians were initially described with the statement, “Flush to their skulls are strange, bony antennae.” They were also referred to as having blue skin and white hair, though there were no lengthy descriptive passages detailing how they looked. However, a later description in the same teleplay read, “As we’ll see, the Andorians are paranoid and easily agitated.”
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Following “Shadows of P’Jem”, depicting the Andorians again was certainly of interest to the ENT writing staff. “We were very eager to bring back the Andorians,” Brannon Braga recalled, at the conclusion of the second season. “We were just waiting for the right story idea to come along It’s still amazing that you can take blue guys with antennae and make them believable. They’re turning into a very interesting species.” (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145, p. 28) The two aforementioned physical attributes had become so clearly the defining characteristics of the Andorians that the final draft script of season two episode “Cease Fire” introduced the species into that story by stating, “We recognize their blue skin and antennae instantly.” However, “Cease Fire” also introduced the first female Andorian to appear in ENT, and the script stated, “Andorian women have a paler, more subtle hue to their skin.”
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Waardenburg syndrome is known to occur in ferrets. The affected individual will usually have a small white stripe along the top or back of the head and sometimes down the back of the neck (this is known as a “blaze” coat pattern), or a solid white head from nose to shoulders (known as a “panda” coat pattern). The ferret will often have a very slightly flatter skull than ferrets without the syndrome and may have unusually wide-set eyes. As a ferret’s sense of hearing is poor to begin with, associated deafness is not easily noticeable except for a lack of reaction to loud noises. As the disorder is easily spread to offspring, the affected animal will not be used for breeding by private, reputable breeders, although it may still be neutered and sold as a pet. However, largely as a result of mass-breeding due to the “exotic” markings it gives, 75% of US ferrets with a blaze or white head sold from pet stores are deaf. A study of the correlation between coat variations and deafness in European ferrets found “All(n=27) panda, American panda, and blaze ferrets were deaf.”
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The script of TAS: “Yesteryear” described the species thus; “Andorians are slim, almost fragile-looking humanoids with pale blue skin and silver hair. Two slightly curved antennas which end in little flared knobs adorn their heads. These are their listening organs; therefore, no ears are in evidence. When an Andorian listens to anyone speak, he bows his head slightly to get maximum ‘receiving’. Andorian speech is accented, softly spoken and deliberate. By heritage, Andorians are a savage race of warriors, and their agility and strength belie their slender builds.”
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2bluehairsexNoun: An eldery female, usually with curled, grey-blue hair.The bluehair cut me off in the fast Scaryberry January 21, 20047319Donkey Punch Plush10″ high plush doll.Buy the plush
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As a result of the redesigned Andorians being thought of as successful, it wasn’t long before they reappeared on ENT. “So we went ahead and took a gamble and brought them back fairly soon,” commented Brannon Braga. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 136, p. 37) The species was referenced in a working title used by the next episode to feature Andorians, “Shadows of P’Jem”, as it was originally called “Untitled Andorians Return”. In a line of dialogue from the first draft script for that installment, Andorians were referred to as “a violent, predatory species.” However, that line was ultimately changed to Andorian commandos being described as “a dangerous group.” The only general physical description of the Andorians in the episode’s final draft script – in that case, referring to the Andorian blue complexion and antennae – was specifically in reference to Shran alone.
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Over the years since the start of TNG, Andorians had been shown in a few cameos but had stayed relentlessly absent. One reason the Andorians didn’t make any substantial return was that their makeup, with their antennae and blue skin, might inadvertently look silly. They actually appeared much less often than Andorian ale. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 37, p. 10)


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